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BFN is supporting to manage and run Creative Hands Pre School in Bungamati. It is for the early learners to play and learn as well as develop of foundation for school education. As per the request of the parents and the demand of the community, we were able to establish the school.  It is registered as per the policy and rules of the government of Nepal.

One of the reasons we have established the Creative Hands Pre School is to make sure older children do not have to watch their younger siblings during the day. In this way, the older children can go to school while we make sure the younger children get all the care and education they deserve.

We have started a playgroup and we plan to upgrade it.  We are seeking support and sponsorship for the management of the school.  We are making a school building near Bungamati Foundation Nepal.

We also looking for long-term cooperation and collaborations between the school and institutions to make a model school for early learners.

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