Bungamati Foundation Nepal strives to improve the education quality by:

  • Contributing to meet the Sustainable Development Goal – 4
  • Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.
  • Enabling environments for better education.
  • Promoting girls’ education.
  • Improving the retention and reducing the dropout rate of the children.

To achieve this, BFN supports the schools by:

  • Preparing and implementing School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Carrying out Social audits in schools
  • Managing child-friendly classroom furniture.
  • Managing clean and safe toilets for girls.
  • Managing clean drinking water to save lives.
  • Managing and using learning materials to provide active learning.
  • Managing sports materials.
  • Managing children’s library.
  • Managing digital learning and e-learning, UDL.
  • Equipping the teachers with learner-centered teaching-learning skills, knowledge, techniques, and approaches.
  • Building the Capacity of School Management Committee (SMC), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to be accountable and transparent.
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