10.5 Percent of the children in Nepal are still out of school due to family background, financial problems, or their parents being illiterate. Some parents work in the field which means they get low wages and they don’t necessarily have a stable job for the future. As a result, they are not able to afford school for their children, and the children become uneducated. Sometimes, the family is only able to pay the school fees for half a year. In these cases, the children don’t complete their school education. Another reason children may not go to school is due to there being discrimination between sons and daughters in the family. Once the daughter is married, she moves in with her husband, and education is not seen as necessary anymore.

Furthermore, some parents are not able to supply their children with school materials such as reading books, practice books, stationery, uniforms, shoes or bags. They may also not be able to pay the admission and tuition fee. So, BFN has started a sponsorship program to help the children complete their education.

BFN would like to request individuals, groups, families, organizations and companies to sponsor the children here in Nepal. It costs 50 Euro per year to sponsor one child. This contribution completely covers the annual school fee of one child, thereby enabling the child to go to school for a year. In this way, sponsorships make it possible for children to receive the education they deserve. In return, you will receive regular communication and annual school reports of your sponsored child.

If you wish to sponsor a student, please contact us: info.bungamati@gmail.com

If you live in the Netherlands please contact our partner organisation there: lia@bungamati.nl

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