About Us

Who we are

Bungamati Foundation Nepal (BFN) is a non-governmental, non-profit social organisation assisting marginalized, poor children, women, and people and strengthening the capacity of the schools, communities. BFN was founded in 2004 with the aim of improving access, participation, and the learning level of education. Since then, BFN has expanded its aims and has worked in different areas including health, sanitation, and environmental issues, whilst still keeping focus on education.

BFN believes that people in Nepal have the right to basic healthcare, sanitation, and education, they deserve to be in control of their own destiny. BFN always makes sure that the projects we lead are focused on community-led, participatory development. BFN doesn’t aim to change the culture or the people of Nepal, but to provide them with tools so that they can help themselves.

Much of BFN’s work focuses on children, they are the next generation and the future of this country.



  • It is our mission to strengthen the capacity of marginalized children, women, people, and the community for better living.
  • We working closing with the community, local government, and schools for better learning and better living.

Our goals are to enhance the quality of life of the children living in the Bungamati-area, by giving them access to good education and other valuable development tools.


  1. Inclusive (in education and participation)
  2. Respect Nepali Culture and each other’s views and opinions.
  3. Committed and dedicated.
  4. We value and use local resources.
  5. People, principles, and determination make the difference.
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