Many children are out of school in Nepal due to illiterate parents, family background, financial problem of the parents. The parents of the children work in the field and get low wages and they don’t have long term work and job. They don’t have enough land for farming and growing food for the family. The whole family depend on the farm and single person of the family. The family has to manage all necessary things from single person’s work, labour. That’s why the parents are not able to afford for the children education and they don’t send their children education. Some parents send to school and the children leave in the middle of the school year and the children don’t complete school education. The next reason is there is discrimination between son and daughter in the family. The daughter goes to the husband’s house, they think why should give education. They don’t give complete education.

The parents are not able to supply book, exercise book and stationery for the children. They cannot manage dress, shoes, and bag and they cannot pay admission and tuition fee for the children. So, BFN has started sponsorship programme to support children to get education.

BFN requests all interested individual, groups, organisation and company to sponsor the children. There is possible to sponsor single and more children by group and company. You can sponsor in groups and individual to the children.

You can sponsor a child for 50 euro per year for basic education. If you wish to sponsor a student, please contact us.

If you live in the Netherlands please contact our partner organisation there: lia@bungamati.nl

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