Nov, 2018

Organised children book writing workshop

Bungamati Foundation Nepal has skilled the teachers of 25 schools to write children books on computer to publish.

Oct, 2018

15th Anniversary Celebration with success

Bungamati Foundation Nepal has been working to improve children education.

Sep, 2018

Sponsors visiting to see the children

Sponsors have visited BFN office, children house and the schools to see the improvement

Sep, 2018

Celebrating with the children

We have celebrated the children day supporting to organise variety of children activities

Sep, 2018

Providing clothes to the children

Bungamati Foundation Nepal has provided clothes to the children

Sep, 2018

Coordination and cooperation with government

We have organised meeting with Municipality, local government and Social welfare Council

Sep, 2018

Local sponsor supporting children for learn to read

We have found local person as sponsor to promote girls' education.

Aug, 2018

Learning visiting in zoo

We have organised learning visit for the children in zoo involving the parents .

Jul, 2018

Parental engaging for children learning

Bungamati Foundation Nepal has facilitating and supporting the parents to engage in the children learning.

Jul, 2018

14th Annual General Assembly

Bungamati Foundation Nepal has regularly organized Annual General Assembly involving children, teachers, parents.

Jun, 2018

Preparing each child ready to go School

BFN has been managing Early Childhood Development Center in collaboration with the metropolitan city.

Apr, 2018

Supporting enrollment campaigns

BFN has actively involved in the national enrollment campaign to bring the out of school aged children.

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