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Jack Wasser

I am pleased to see the great development of BFN. It has a good support to your local community and a sustainable programme for the needy people. BFN not only encourages your people but also me to sustain my support.

DON and GIll Bennett

We have been very happy to see BFN project and we have been so impressed by your enthusiasm and hard work that all your people are putting in to your project. We are looking forward to helping you in what ever way we can, also to use our sponsored children get the education and help they need. Thank you to all of you for such a great day you have provided for us.

Dr. Krishan

Wonderful, inspiring visit to the community, primary school. The very beginning of lifelong commitment to the children of Nepal. Keep up the fantastic work!

Ralf and Margot

We had a great, great time in Nepal. Your hospitality was fantastic. We really hope we can come back one time. I wish you good luck with the foundation and your guesthouse.

Frances Foely

Dear Bungamati Foundation, Thank you so very much for your hospitality. Susan and I enjoyed our visit so very much. You (Sukha) and Utsav were such wonderful hosts and took us to some very interesting schools. I loved the motorcycle ride to visit the schools. The Foundation’s work is very impressive. I wish you continued success and may the Foundation continue its work for the children of Nepal.

Susan Negrin

Dear Sukha, Sangita, Utsav and everyone at Bungamati Foundation,

Thank you so much for your generous hopitality and efforts to make our stay in Bungamati, Lalitpur so enjoyable & much enjoyed visiting the village, the schools, the temple and all of the people here. The day long trip/ trek on Thursday to the remote school was a great adventure that I will never forget. The motorcycle ride was exciting and the “15- minute trek” was enjoyable . The views from the mountain were breath taking!

I look forward to keeping in touch with you and continuing to support BFN. Much Love !

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