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Who we are

Bungamati Foundation Nepal is NGO working through the education, health and environment system offering assistance to Nepalese schools, communities and local organizations at every level.Bungamati Foundation Nepal was founded in 2004 with primary aim of improving the education of children in Nepal. Since then, BFN has diversified its activities to work within number different areas, including health, sanitation and environmental issues, whilst keeping a focus on education at the very heart of its activities.

BFN believes that the people of Nepal have the right to a basic level healthcare, sanitation and education, and that they deserve to be in control of their own destiny. BFN’s projects and work are always closely in harness with grass roots’ level needs, focusing on community led, participatory development. BFN does not seek to change the culture or people of Nepal but to provide them with the tools to enable to help themselves.

Much of BFN’s work focuses on children, seeing them as the future of the country and the means which any real change must come about, and endeavours to advance the role of children in the community.



  • It is our mission to establish long-term partnerships with the persons and organizations that influence the development of the children living in the Bungamati area.
  • The effect of these partnerships will result in the best possible environment for the children to develop themselves, in the next 3 years.

The goal of our mission is to enhance the quality of life of the Bungamati-area children by giving them access to good education and other ways of development. Values:

  1. Inclusive (in education and participation)
  2. Respect Nepali Culture and each toher’s view and opinion.
  3. Children are our and Nepal’s future.
  4. We value and use local resources.
  5. People, principles and determination make the difference.
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